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Dekimo: in the heart of your electronics
Dekimo is an electronic services supplier. The group consists of a design house for electronic engineering and software applications, a layout service for printed circuit board design, a certified EMC lab, a prototype service and a highly automated SMD assembly plant for series of 100 up to 10.000 PCBA's.
With more than 150 professionals, we can be your long-term engineering partner and help you to achieve your business goals more efficiently. We have development teams in Gent, Leuven, Kortrijk, Turnhout, Louvain-la-Neuve and Lyon, a certified EMC lab in Erpe-Mere and an assembly plant in Erpe-Mere. We offer the best service to be as close as possible to our customers.
Presentation Dekimo
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 Software development
Read more about Dekimo's expertise in software development #

 Embedded software development
Read more about Dekimo's expertise in embedded software development #
 FPGA & CPLD code development
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 Electronic design
Read more about electronic design #
 PCB Board design & prototyping
All info on Dekimo's prototype services #
 On site PCB design
Our expertise in PCB design #
 Production facilities
Read about Dekimo's production facilities #
 Mechanical engineering
Our expertise in mechanical engineering and CNC milling #
 Certified EMC lab
Everything about EMC sevices #
Experience, expertise: in house as well as on site
Dekimo has 25 years of experience and has expertise in many areas like Automotive, Electronic Industry, Telecom, Communication, Power Electronics, Pharma, Medical, Internet Applications, …
We develop high-level application software for PC-platforms, embedded software for real time tasks, micro-controllers and PICs, FPGA applications in VHDL, electronic design, advanced PCB routing (in house or on site), prototyping and series production (with assembly)

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